Friday, April 25, 2014

My First Battle With Blogging

I am sitting here, feeling nervous at the prospect of starting my first blog entry. I almost feel like I am on a first date; worried I am going to say the wrong thing, fumble over my words, and possibly make a fool of myself. Maybe I have already started that process. But, after a little reflection I have become comfortable realizing there are four potential reactions to my entry:
1- Someone reads my blog and either enjoys or learns from my entry. 
2- Someone reads my blog and offers a suggestion on how I can improve.
3- Someone reads my blog and critiques it.
4- Someone reads my blog and decides to be hateful.

Realistically, all four of these outcomes can be very positive to me as a blogger. Either I am positively impacting a reader, gaining advice on how to be better, learning my weaknesses as a blogger, or running to my bedroom to hide myself from the world because of a comment that hurt my feelings (oops, maybe that's not positive). In the end, even a hateful post wouldn't bother me. I feel that would have more of a reflection on the person making the comment than on me, the blogger. 

I already feel more comfortable with pressing the "publish" button at the top of this page. 

I hope you enjoyed my first blog. My future blogs will be education-based but I felt like I needed to do this one to make myself feel better.

p.s. People who are here to react to my post with my 1st, 2nd, or 3rd reaction please comment below. People here to react to my post with my 4th reaction, please comment at this website: http://goo.gl/e3dXNr